Baby its COLD outside…. one of fifty-two

Well, it looks as if old man winter is finally here.  I can tell that because the local news has turned into some kind of bad “Storm Chasers” spin-off.  Its as if they’ve never seen snow before.  “Make sure you slow down when you’re driving in a winter storm” they say. Oh really? I thought we were supposed to drive faster and more carelessly….  Whats that you say? We’re expecting 6-8 inches of snow tonight? OH NO! STOP THE PRESSES! It’s not like we live in Wisconsin or anything…

Anyways, the reason I started this blog is because I am going to try my own 52 Week project.  The basis behind this is that it gets me to take more pictures and hopefully improve my skills.  I’ll post one picture every week for 52 weeks (one year).  Hopefully I can get some of the metadata for the pictures as well.

For my first picture, I chose this one.  I made some tea, and really loved the way that the lights looked behind the mug.  It was shot at 50mm, F2, exposure of 3.2 seconds, and ISO 100.  The only modification was a handmade filter that made the heart shaped bokeh in the background.  It was a really neat effect and I hope to try this effect again in future shots.

3 thoughts on “Baby its COLD outside…. one of fifty-two

  1. Gee…when I put black paper in front of my camera, it looks like night time… Ok, seriously, nice photo! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work. It should make a nice portfolio!

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