happy birthday allyse! …five of fifty-two


Today, January 10th, 2010, is my girlfriend’s 21st birthday.

So this week, I’m going to dedicate my post to her.  Here’s 21 reasons why I love Allyse.

  1. She has a way of brightening my day.
  2. There is nothing I love more than seeing her smile.
  3. Because she watches and talks about football.
  4. I love her for her, and I love the way she loves me for me.
  5. She laughs at all my jokes (even the ones that aren’t funny).
  6. I love the way she makes me feel when I’m around her.
  7. She dreams big and is passionate about so many things.
  8. She listens to me, even when I have nothing to say.
  9. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
  10. She has taught me so much about myself, and I am a better person because of that.
  11. She’s very smart.
  12. Because it’s so hard to say no to her.
  13. She cares about the environment.
  14. She often lights up my day with a random text message just to say hi.
  15. She is so outgoing, and has such a bubbly personality.
  16. Because her favorite food is…ICE CREAM!
  17. I can tell her anything and she will give me her honest opinion.
  18. Because she looks past all my imperfections and sees me for who I am.
  19. Because our families are eerily similar.
  20. She gets along great with my family, and I love being around hers.
  21. Because I cannot imagine being with anybody else in the world.

A year and a half ago, she made me the happiest guy in the world by saying “yes” when I asked her out, and I am so thankful for that.  Happy birthday Allyse, I love you.

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