trouble….seven of fifty-two

This week’s picture has a funny story to it.  Or at least it’s funny now, it wasn’t really at the time.

Last night I went out for a little walk.  It was really foggy out and from my balcony, it looked like it would be perfect for some real unique pictures.  I hadn’t walked around the city to take pictures in so long because it has been so cold lately, but last night it was in the mid-30s so it was perfect.

Anyways, I ventured out around 10:30 to check out a few things I wanted to take pictures of.  There is a grocery store right across the street that has a two level parking garage that I always thought has some neat lines and I’ve always wanted to get in there without any cars.  It’s just a real “urban” looking place.  Anyways, so I got over there, and there were four cars in the lot, perfect.  I started snapping some pictures, some with my tripod and others just handheld with a flash…I was pretty happy with some of the shots I was getting.  Suddenly, I hear someone yelling with a thick Spanish accent, “HEY! HEY YOU WITH THE CAMERA! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!”  Surprised, I swung around and almost knocked over my tripod.  There was a guy walking to his car, presumably a Metro Market employee.  He says again, “YOU! WITH THE CAMERA!”.  “Yes?”, I responded, not really knowing what to expect next.  “What do you think you’re doing taking pictures of my car?!” says the stocky Latino man,  “I don’t want pictures of my car showing up all over the internet!”  Dumbstruck, all I can muster is “Pardon?”  He repeats himself, saying that he doesn’t want his car being photographed, because he doesn’t want people following him.  He then goes on to accuse me of being an “undercover investigator”.  At that point, so many questions pop into my head.  Why would undercover investigators be following you, taking pictures of your car?  Why do you think people are following you?  Instead, I posed a seemingly harmless question “Look at me.  Do I look like I’m an undercover investigator? I’m still in school, photography is just a hobby for me.”  He shrugs, explaining that “You never know who’s undercover, that’s the point of being undercover!”

Clearly this man was not going to be reasoned with, so I suggested to him that I will delete the pictures that I took in the garage, and carry on my business.  He looks disgusted by this idea, but agrees anyways.  I pull up one of the shots that has his car in it, and delete it in front of him.  He thanks me, and then proceeds to get into his car and drive away.

I stayed in the garage for a while longer, taking a few more frames before I left, and this is one of the shots that came just after he left.  I really love the lighting and colors in this scene.  It looks so grungy, and yet, it’s so well lit here that it really has some neat contrast.  I did a little post-processing just to bump the saturation and contrast in some of the shadows, but other than that, it is unchanged.

Comments/constructive criticism is, as always, welcomed, and encouraged.  Thanks for looking!

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