valentines day….ten of fifty-two

Happy Valentine’s day to everybody following my project!

This Valentine’s weekend was great, I worked on homework all day on Saturday (the structural analysis never ends…) and then went over to Allyse’s apartment for a special dinner that she had prepared for me.  She also had a little scavenger hunt set up around her apartment, and at the end there was a ticket to the Milwaukee Auto Show and a bunch of candy!  What can I say, she’s the greatest!  I got her a dozen red roses and I hand-made a card for her as well.  I think she liked it 🙂

Anyways, she was over tonight for dinner, I made mostacholi with meat sauce and garlic bread.  Nice and simple, but I’m good at it, so it worked out nicely.

We’re headed into week 10 here at school, which is the last week before finals for us, so I’ve got quite a hectic week ahead of me.  Structural homework, structural design project, plumbing projects galore and a big structural exam on Friday….I can’t wait!  Anyways, this week’s picture is of the roses I got for Allyse.  They had opened up this morning and were really beautiful.

Desaturated and bumped the contrast in CS3, but that’s it.

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