i’m sick of winter…twelve of fifty-two

Just when you think you’re in the clear, BAM! Mother Nature slaps you upside the face with a shovel full of snow.  Ain’t Wisconsin great?

I drove up to Neenah this weekend, to visit Allyse.  Snowed both ways of course, but at least it looked nice.  We went to a new Italian place on Saturday night and it was great.  Turns out I love Italian food.  I had a delicious chicken breast and Italian sausage and white wine reduction with hot red peppers.  It was really good. Then to top it off, Allyse and I split a chocolate sundae.  THAT was good.

Anyways, I have off this whole next week because we made it though yet another quarter.  Only 4 to go!!!  Now the hard part, just waiting for grades, hopefully everything turns out ok.  But lemme tell you, the break couldn’t come a minute too soon…

This picture is at the MSOE Athletic Field.  There’s a path that weaves around it, and this was taken just after the big snowstorm last week.  The athletic field is to the right and Juneau Village is on the left.  Allyse actually texted me early that morning on the way to work saying that it was really pretty outside and that I should take my camera out.  As tired as I was at the time, I’m glad she said something because I think it turned out pretty good 🙂

One thought on “i’m sick of winter…twelve of fifty-two

  1. Hear, hear to that! I can’t wait for Spring to arrive and melt all that muddy ugly snow in Madison away. I say yuck on Wisconsin Winters.

    Still, I must concede – even as a complete non-fan of Winter – that this shot is just absolutely brilliant. Kudos to the both of you. ;D

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