milwaukee’s historic side….fourteen of fifty-two

This weekend, the weather got much nicer out so Allyse and I decided to take a little walk down to the Third Ward to check out the Eisner Museum.  There was an exhibit there about the “unseen” architecture of Milwaukee.  It was something like 18 exhibits from firms who had designed buildings that never got built.  It was very cool, there was some really cool stuff there and it was neat to see “what could have been”.

I love the Third Ward, it’s like a multicultural mash-up of old and new, hip and trendy, traditional and modern.  I just can’t wait until the weather gets nicer so I can spend more time down there.  There’s so many restaurants that I want to try and little shops I want to stop in at.  It’s really one of the hidden gems of Milwaukee, in my opinion.

I’m a huge fan of Milwaukee, there’s just so much culture that shows through in all of the architecture.  A friend of mine was visiting on Saturday and he mentioned something about that as well; how the buildings in Milwaukee have so much more expression than those at Madison.  I think that’s what really makes this city so great; the culture and history that is reflected in our architecture, as well as the modernity and “forward looking” mentality that encompasses the whole city.  But that’s just my two cents worth.

Who knows, maybe the Third Ward will turn up later in my project….stay tuned! 😉

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