family time….sixteen of fifty-two

What a weekend…it was my grandma’s and my cousin Jessica’s birthday, so we had a nice Panaro family get-together.  Mostly the traditional good stuff: great company, egg dying, ping pong, pokino, presents, and of course, lots and lots of tasty food.  My grandma made her famous lasagna and of course, poppyseed cake for her birthday.  Plus, when Jess showed up, we got an ice cream cake to boot!  Excellent.  Or should I say, Eggcelent.  All the kids (plus Allyse and myself) dyed eggs and that was a blast.  Feels like its been so long since we dyed eggs so that was fun 🙂

Got back late last night (maybe it was this morning…not quite sure) but Allyse and I left my grandparent’s house early, hoping to go home and get some sleep, but of course, when we got back the garage door opener didn’t work.  Wonderful.  So we sat in my car and waited.  It wasn’t that bad, but it was a little chilly, waiting for my parents to show up to open the door.

Finally, we got in and got to bed, only to have to wake up and get to church.  We went to St. Dominic’s (my grandparents church) and then out for brunch.  Needless to say, we were all starving and had headaches from the incense at church.  Yikes.

Anyways, it was nice seeing everybody (especially the Minnesoda-ians) again, its always a good time!

Just as a heads up, next Sunday is Easter Sunday, so I will hopefully post next week’s picture Sunday night, but in case it isn’t there; hold tight, it will be up by Monday at the latest 🙂

Have a great week!

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