happy easter….seventeen of fifty-two


Hope everybody had a very Happy Easter Sunday, and that your families are healthy and happy.

I’m on spring break, and lemme tell you, its nice to have a week off of school, but it’s pretty much a lame break.  Everybody is gone, and my girlfriend Allyse is down in Costa Rica with no communication with the outside world.  So that pretty much sucks, but I hope everybody is having fun.

We went to mass in Nashotah at a place called St. Joan of Arc.  It was a two. hour. mass. Yeah, it was pretty bad.  There was two baptisms and the priest said that he was known for having the longest sermons in the diocese.  So yeah, it was pretty nice to get out of there (which is horrible to say I guess).

After that we went to my uncle’s house for Easter brunch and talking and such.  That was fun.  This next week is gonna be pretty lame. Nothing really going on.  Plus everybody is out of town so its gonna be pretty boring.

Last night, I went to the Buck’s game with O’Neill.  He scored 3rd row tickets, and we were totally VIPs.  It was great.  It’s too bad Bogut got hurt though, if it wasn’t for that it woulda been a great game.

This week’s picture is from my Aunt’s house.  I’m not sure what kind of flower it is, but they looked awesome.  I played around with it a little in Photoshop CS4, so it looks a little fake, but I like it nonetheless….

Have a great week!

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