finally baseball season…eighteen of fifty-two

Well, I’m back to school again, after a nice little break from school.  Didn’t really do much over spring break: saw a Bucks game courtside with O’Neill, went golfing a few times, saw Alice in Wonderland with the family, did some homework, watched the Masters, and went to a Brewers game.  Sounds like a blast, right?

I had some real bad computer problems over break as well.  As bad as it sounds, it actually couldn’t have come at a better time.  It would have been really bad to have it crash on me during school.  It was bad too, it wouldn’t even get halfway through booting up without crashing.  I took it in to Best Buy to see if the Geek Squad could get my data recovered.  I seriously have everything on my computer, school stuff, work stuff, all of my pictures and music….basically it would have been horrible to lose all of that, so I’m really glad they were able to save everything.  Cost a pretty penny, but I guess it’s better than losing everything.  After the Geek Squad had their shot at it, I took it down to MSOE to have them re-image it and get the operating system reinstalled.  Now I’m just in the process of getting everything back to normal again, but it is going to take a while…

Now its time to get back into the swing of things.  Gonna have a busy week this week, I’m going down to HGA Architects and Engineers tomorrow afternoon for a visit/interview, so I hope that goes well.

This week’s picture is interesting to me.  I took 4 pictures from our seats at the Brewer game and stitched them together in Photoshop CS4.  Played around a little with the brightness and contrast, but I like the light above the scoreboard that came from the windows on the west side of the stadium.  Hope you like it, feedback is welcomed 🙂

Thanks for checking in, have a good week!

One thought on “finally baseball season…eighteen of fifty-two

  1. It may look like I am prejudiced because I am your g-ma but I think it is amazing how you connected the picture into one panorama. I think the lighting and the clarity are great.

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