springtime…nineteen of fifty-two

Another great week in Milwaukee comes to an end.  I had the first round of midterms, and I think they went alright.  Got our soils test back, but I made some stupid mistakes and ended up getting a C.  Oh well. I’ve been studying all weekend for advanced steel and construction estimating midterms tomorrow morning.  I hope I’m ready, but we’ll see in the morning….it might be a late night tonight…

I broke out the grill for the first time last night.  Grilled up some burgers for Allyse and I.  It was perfect.  Had tater tots and baked beans to go with it.  It was DELICIOUS.  I love having a balcony because I can do stuff like that.  I simply can’t wait for summer because I’ll have a chance to do that more often.

Springtime in the city is truly an exciting time.  Not only are we starting to get warmer weather, but the flowers and trees are starting to bloom once again.  I walk past these flowers almost every day and they finally opened up a few days ago so I snapped a few pictures.  This one was my favorite, the depth of color just creates such a “springy” feeling.  Mostly straight out of the camera, with just a little bump to the contrast and a few adjustments to the color curves using Photoshop CS4.

Have a great week!

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