shadows…twenty of fifty-two

Here we are, yet another week closer to summer, and another week closer to finals.  Things are starting to pick up around here and I feel like I’m takin’ care of business.  I haven’t felt this confident about school since junior or senior year of high school.  Everything is clicking and I feel like I’m on top of my game.  I can finally see myself doing this for a living.  So I’m happy to report that things are going well in that aspect of my life….

This weekend was the LEED Green Associate exam prep/seminar that I had been planning with EGB here at MSOE.  It has been several months of planning and advertising around campus that all lead up to the event on Saturday.  It went really well, we had 24 people in attendance and they all seemed to be genuinely interested in what the speaker was saying.  I learned a lot as well, about LEED and green building in general.  I’m thinking that I might take the exam sometime this summer and become a LEED Green Associate.

Also, last night my parents, Kristen and one of her friends came downtown for dinner at Water Street Brewery and then came back to my apartment for some dessert.  I made peanut butter brownies, and they were pretty excellent.  We watched Wall-e….one of the best movies ever in my opinion…because Kristen’s friend had never seen it.  I finally got the BluRay working on my computer/TV so the picture was flawless.  And they said I was wasting my money buying a fancy TV….but I digress.  I had a really good time, I love spending time with my family, and I was really glad they could make it down to see me.  If you’re reading this; thanks so much Mom and Dad and Kristen and Anastasia!  I had a blast! You guys are the greatest and I don’t know what I would do without you!

I feel like I’ve been so productive this weekend.  I spent Friday afternoon cleaning and doing laundry (fascinating, I know) and I got a lot of homework done.  I’ve also been thinking about rearranging the furniture in my apartment once they turn off the heat in the building.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll be motivated next weekend and I’ll get that done.  Four weeks till finals (and my birthday) and I am psyched.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer this week, it always seems to make the week go faster when its pleasant outside.

I feel like I’m just rambling on about all this random stuff so I’m going to wrap it up.  This week’s picture was kinda just an experiment.  I put a really harsh light source right next to my face and it really pronounced the shadows and I think it turned out pretty cool.  I played around with the colors and contrast a little in Photoshop, and then applied a posterization to give it that “painted” look.  I was trying to come up with a good idea for a self portrait but this was all I got.  I have ideas, I just don’t really know how to make it turn out how I want it to.  We’ll see, maybe my face will show up again in a few weeks…

Comments/suggestions welcomed as always, have a great week!

One thought on “shadows…twenty of fifty-two

  1. That’s pretty cool that you set up a LEED seminar on campus (it sounds like), even better that you had a pretty decent turn-out. I can’t think of any of my college cohorts who even know what LEED is. Then again, maybe I’ve been associating with the wrong crowd! In any event, have you thought about taking a LEED exam prep training course before taking the exam? The exam is pretty difficult. I really enjoyed my exam prep course. You will learn a lot. A lot of people think the information is dry, but it doesn’t have to be. Good luck to you with whatever you choose to do!

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