21…twenty-four of fifty-two

Yep.  You read that right.  I turned the big two-one this weekend.  I was pretty excited, as it seemed most of my friends were already 21.  Not gonna lie, I dont feel much different now than I did a week ago at this time…oh well. It was fun anyways.

The family came down to my apartment on Saturday evening and we went across the street to Buca’s for some Italian dinner. YUM. It was awesome. They serve the food family style there, so there was a LOT of food going around.  And good food too…after we were done there everybody came back to my apartment and we opened gifts and had cake and ice cream and talked for a while.  Overall, a pretty great night.  I got some pretty awesome things: Allyse got me a few cookbooks (probably a hint that I need to cook for her more often :)), my parents got me a bunch of grilling stuff and some outdoor furniture for my balcony, and my grandparents got me a Nike Dymo 3 wood (which I’m totally psyched to try out, I’ve read really good things about it).  It would have been a perfect weekend if it weren’t for finals being next week.  How lame is that?  I’m certainly going to be happy to be done though…

This week’s picture I actually did not take.  It was taken with my camera, but my sister, Kristen, was the one pulling the trigger.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.  Incidentally, she also made the cake for me so she’s pretty much good at everything.

Anyways, I should probably get back to studying for finals, but next week I’ll have more time to write a little more/work on a great picture.

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