halfway there….twenty-six of fifty-two

This week’s post is coming very late, and I apologize for that.  I was up north at my girlfriend’s house for the weekend and of course my computer died and I didn’t have the cable to transfer the pictures I had on my camera.  I really had a blast up there, it’s always really fun to visit.

On Friday morning,  I drove up to Stevens Point for a work meeting.  I met with someone from the Green Schools Committee to talk about what I’m doing this summer for that internship.  It should be pretty fun, I guess we’ll see how that all works out 🙂

After that, I headed over to Neenah to visit Allyse and her family, and was immediately put to work building a stone patio.  It seems like every time I go up there I get put to work doing one thing or another.  Last year we  built a patio and that turned out great, and now they were just adding on more.  It was a lot of hard work and heavy lifting with the large stones but I think it really turned out great.  I figure with a few more visits to their house, we’ll have the whole backyard covered in stone 😛

On Sunday we went to her brother Trevor’s confirmation and had a party for him in the afternoon.  I got to meet more of Allyse’s family and it was a really fun party.  Its kinda eerie sometimes how similar our families are… I really feel at home with their family and it seems like they enjoy my company as well (although I guess I shouldn’t speak for them :P)

This week’s picture is from one of Trevor’s soccer games.  He’s really fast and it’s cool to get to see someone that talented really dominate the rest of the players.  They lost both of their games, but it sounded like he had a good time, and I did as well.  Plus, the weather held out and it was good to spend some time out in the fresh air.

Again, sorry for the late post, I’ll be sure to get it in on time next week.  I’m halfway done with my 52 week project, it’s all downhill from here 🙂

Have an EXCELLENT week!

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