independence day…thirty of fifty-two

Happy 4th of July! I hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday and enjoys their day off tomorrow (if you are lucky enough to have off).  I started my job last week, and I have my first day off tomorrow, so that pretty much rocks.

So far I’m enjoying my job quite a bit.  For those who didn’t know, I started as a Deconstruction Intern at WasteCap Resource Solutions on Wednesday, so I’m still getting used to things around the office.  As of right now, I’m mainly doing data entry stuff…going through all of WasteCap’s old projects and entering them into the website database.  It’s really quite interesting, getting to see all the details of all the old projects and how much they were able to recycle, and the procedures that went into them.  In a few weeks, the MMSD project should be starting and I’ll be (hopefully) playing a pretty instrumental role in that process, so it should be a really good learning experience.  The project is a reconstruction of the KK River Corridor, we’re deconstructing 84 homes and residential structures to make way for some new parks and boulevards.  Its should be interesting, I’ll be out on site writing reports and documenting the progress once the whole process gets going.  I really enjoy the office that I’m working in and the people that work there are great.  I’m planning on working part time during the summer, maybe picking up a few hours once the MMSD project starts, and hopefully about 10-13hrs a week during the school year.  My contract runs until May 31st of next year so it should be enough to keep me busy 🙂

Went down to the Big Bang fireworks downtown last night, for the 2nd year in a row.  It was a perfect night for it, calm skies, moderate temperatures, and not a cloud in the sky.  I ended up leading down by the MAM and hanging out there with Harry, his girlfriend Maura, and his family.  I hadn’t seen any of them in the longest time so it was good to catch up again.  The fireworks were great, they changed it so they were an hour instead of 45 minutes this year.  It almost seemed as though they took a little off the finale, since it was longer, but we had great seats and it was pretty fun.

I just got back from golfing with Harry, since he’s back from Iowa for the weekend, and it was probably the hottest day of the year so far.  Still shot a 42 and had a great time as always.

This week’s picture is obviously from the Milwaukee fireworks, I took about 200 pictures, and only about 50 of them turned out.  And of those 50, about a dozen of them really made me say WOW.  This one was probably my favorite shot of the weekend.

Have a great week, and have a good rest of the long holiday weekend!

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4 thoughts on “independence day…thirty of fifty-two

  1. Great pic, Steve-o! While you were watching the fireworks, Wendy & I were at the Marcus Amphitheater seeing Rush rock the house!!! It was great! And, on the plus side, all we had to do was look to our right and we could see the fireworks, too!!! Awesome…

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