slice…thirty-three of fifty-two

I feel like in the summer, the time goes much faster than any other time.  I mean really, it’s almost August already…what happened to this summer?  Sheesh.

We had the storm of the century here in Milwaukee this last week.  We got something like 7.5″ in about 2 hours.  All the news reporters were going crazy and one reporter went so far as to say that it was “hurricane force rain”.  It was pretty crazy.  Heck, we even had a sinkhole a few blocks from my house.  You know we aren’t screwing around when cars are falling into the earth.  Crazy stuff…

The following day, I got to take a trip to MMSD (the Milwaukee Metro Sewerage District) building and got a private tour of their reclamation facilities.  It was something else going there the day after a huge storm because everybody was running around like crazy, trying to get caught up on the waste treatment.  Milwaukee has a combined sewer system, so when we get a lot of rain, it really bogs down the sewer system and we run into problems real quick.  The Deep Tunnel system apparently was full after about a half an hour of storms.  Thats about 500 million gallons in a half an hour.  Crazy.  It was pretty cool though, I didn’t know how they cleaned up the sewer water so that it was clean enough to head back to Lake Michigan, so it was a good learning experience (imagine that, learning things during the summer…what a concept)

I was up in Neenah again this weekend, this time for a wedding for a friend of mine and Allyse’s from MSOE.  The wedding was great, it was good to see all the MSOE people again.  I can hardly believe that everybody is getting engaged/married.  I feel so old…  While up there, we celebrated two birthdays, both Allyse’s cousins, as well as a block party for the families around the the area.  Needless to say, I had a LOT of cake this weekend.  Gonna have to have nothing but salad this next week…

My chem class is FINALLY done, and the grades are in.  Survey says….I GOT A B!!  How awesome is that?  Not only is it a boost to the ‘ole GPA, but I am now done with chemistry!!! FOREVER! (Doesn’t get much better than that :))

Anyways, this week’s picture is kinda cool, I think.  This is probably my most complex lighting scheme so far.  It is lit three ways.  The on camera flash fired, which wirelessly triggered my off camera flash, positioned camera right.  Camera left, I had a halogen bulb, fired through my lightbox for better dispersion of the light.  In case you were worried (I’m sure you all are), I didn’t actually cut the lens.  It’s the UV filter and lens cap.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “slice…thirty-three of fifty-two

  1. Another masterpiece! Actually, two – your picture and your grade! You are riding a wave these days.

    Yes, you have entered the beginning of the age of weddings! Maybe, someday, it will be . . . . . . . . . . .

  2. Congrats on the “B” in Chemistry, Steve-o! Sometimes it’s good to take the crappy class in summer when you can deal with it without other classes in the way. I did the same thing with Speech and pulled a “B” out of it, too.

    When Wendy and I were in our twenties (back in the olden days), we went to a million weddings! Trust me, it will drive you nuts eventually.

    Your picture makes me crave a thin-sliced salami sandwich. Mmmmm… salami…

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