milwaukee’s lakefront…thirty-four of fifty-two

This week was pretty interesting, and I’m not sure where to start.  At the beginning would be a good place I guess.

Worked all week, its’s been pretty slow this last few weeks, so I’ve been doing web development and some PR stuff for the KK river project.  Its not necessarily “engineering” stuff, but I’m enjoying it.

On Thursday, I got paid a visit from our relatives from Missouri.  We usually only get to see them once a year – around Christmas –  so it was good to see them again.  We took a nice walk by the lakefront and it was a perfect day for it.  Nothing but blue skies and a nice calm lake.  Made for some really cool pictures, and this was one of my favorites from the marina.  I touched up the colors a little bit, but I like how it turned out.  Anyways, we got ice cream afterwards, which was pretty good, but it melted almost instantly in the heat. We ended up walking around the Third Ward for a while, and we found a couple awesome little shops.  The Third Ward is full of awesome little places and I could spend a whole week going though everything there.  We went to Bucas for dinner, which was excellent as usual, and then back to my apartment for brownies.  Overall a pretty good day.

On Saturday, I went with Allyse and her family down to the Prime Outlets at Pleasant Prairie.  It was a fun time, as it always is.  I didn’t get anything, although I was pretty tempted to get something from the Coach store.  Everything was 20% off! haha, the women in that store are crazy.

Today, we went to her brother’s soccer tryouts and it was hotttt outside.  It was either sweat to death, or get eaten to death by the mosquitoes.  Plus Allyse got hit on by an 8th grader, so that was pretty fun.  But anyways, I digress.  Tt was a lot of fun getting to spend time with Allyse and her family. I didn’t get a lot of time with her this weekend, so I’m glad I got to see her at all and I enjoyed the time I was with her.  As bad as this sounds, I’m almost looking forward to getting back to school because that means I get to see her every day.

Anyways, I’m gonna wrap it up because I’m running out of things to say and I’m watching Hancock so I’m kinda distracted.  So I apologize if I’m a little scatterbrained.  Have a great week, thanks for checking in this week!

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