city lights…forty-one of fifty-two

There’s something about this city that really comes alive in the fall.  Not sure what it is; could be the cooler weather, could be the smell, could be the leaves starting to change…whatever it is, I’m loving it.  I think it’s really just the “idea” of fall that makes me so excited.  I like seeing the trees start to turn, and I enjoy walking around the city and not sweating to death because its a million degrees outside.  It’s also the fact that its football season, and that’s my favorite season 🙂

In all seriousness though, I’ve been in a really good mood lately.  I’m not sure what it is, because school is a pain in the neck, but I’m feeling good about things.  This school year really doesn’t feel like “school” to me.  I think it’s because I’m only taking one engineering class this quarter, so even though it’s a lot of work, it doesn’t feel quite as stressful as it has in years past.  Either way, I’m really enjoying my last year at MSOE (…so far…).

Allyse and I started designating Thursday nights to be a “date night” (all her idea, how awesome is that?).  Not only does it help to just take a night off and relax, but it’s always good to just kick back after a long week and have a nice home cooked dinner and a movie.  This week’s dinner was shells and cheese.  Romantic, I know, what can I say?  To be fair though, I only had one night’s notice and had almost nothing in my apartment to eat, so it was the best I could do for this week.

This week’s picture comes from a fence outside of Cathedral Square.  Allyse and I went for a walk last Friday night and this was one of my better shots (in my opinion).  Comments? Suggestions?

Thanks, and have a marvelous week!

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