autumn…forty-two of fifty-two

Nothing quite says fall like the cool Milwaukee air, pumpkins, and Kristen’s birthday party.  Every year we have a big party for my sister’s birthday, and this year she is turning 16, so it was no exception.  It was good to see the whole family again, I hadn’t seen most of them for quite a while because of school.  The funny thing is, we’ve only been in school for three weeks now.  I guess I got so wrapped up with school stuff that it feels like way longer than that.  As keeping with the family tradition, we played a game of football out in the backyard.  Lets just say it’s been a while since I played football so I was pretty sore afterwards, and into today…

After we were tired of football, we came inside for some delicious lasagna and salad.  Kristen opened her presents and we had cake and ice cream.  Then me and the uncles went downstairs to play a little ping pong.  Again, it’s been so long since I played ping pong so I was a little rusty at that too.  Overall though, a pretty good weekend spent with good company.

Got back downtown early this afternoon and got some much needed cleaning and organizing of my room done.  Then it was on to do more homework.  The problem with being so busy with school is that the weekends are basically just an extension of the week, just without classes.  It’s as if it never stops.  Oh well, I guess there’s only 30 weeks of class left until graduation so I guess I can deal with it until then.

I’m really tired and not feeling so hot tonight, so I’m going to wrap it up, but I hope you had a good weekend and have a great week.

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