manpower…forty-five of fifty-two

It’s been a stressful week.  So many deadlines and midterms and projects to keep straight.  Oh, and the FE Exam is in 2 weeks, and I haven’t started studying for that at all.  And I’d like to take the LEED GA test over Thanksgiving break, so another big test hanging over me.  And on top of all that, I’ve gotta keep my eyes peeled for job opportunities since I’m going to be graduating in spring and the job market is bleak.  But hey, I’m trying to stay positive, at least I’m not graduating now!

We took a tour last Friday of the Manpower building, just across the river from MSOE.  It’s a LEED Gold facility, and was a really cool place to tour.  It’s a fantastic looking building from the outside, and even better to experience from the inside.  For someone like myself, with a pretty extensive background in LEED, a lot of the features of the building were cool to see in action, and for the other students that came with, it was a good learning experience in general.  We had a great turnout, about 30 kids, most of which were seniors who need to implement LEED in their senior design projects and were there to learn from a green building in our neighborhood.

As for my senior design project, the programming research continues.  I’m learning as we go that this quarter of senior design is designated as the “discovery phase” of the project, where we just learn everything we can about anything that could possibly have to do with our project.  I know what you’re thinking, “Steve, that sounds awfully tedious and boring” and to that I’d say yes, you are correct.  I’m REALLY looking forward to doing some actual design for this thing.  I’ve been thinking about the form of our building, and I feel like I have some good ideas, but we have to do all the “administrative” stuff first, so to speak.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve got a lot of stuff I should be doing before class tomorrow, so I’m going to cut things short here, and get some work done.  This week’s picture is from the Manpower tour.  This is the South side of the building, and the main entrance is right in the center of the photo.  The building is an odd shape, so there’s more corner office space. And since the majority of the exterior facade is glazed, there is a large amount of daylit area inside the building.  Overall, an awesome building.  This picture is stitched together from three frames, with 3 exposures each, for the HDR effect.  You can view and download the high-resolution image (HERE).  Hope you like it.

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