testing my patience…forty-seven of fifty-two

Cross one more thing off my list of things to do before the end of the quarter.  I took the FE exam on Saturday, over at the Frontier Airlines Center.  It as interesting because I really had no idea what to expect.  Going into it, basically all I knew was that it was an 8 hour test with quite a few engineering topics on it.  They’re super strict at the actual testing site because it is a standardized exam.  They wouldn’t even let you bring your own pencils. Yeah.

The morning session was 4 hours and 120 questions, most of them on pretty basic engineering topics (calculus, mechanics of materials, statics, thermo/fluids, chemistry, etc)  and then we had an hour or so for lunch.  At lunch I was feeling ok about the test so far, but at the same time, not really sure how things had gone.  After going back into the room for the afternoon it quickly became apparent that the second half of this test was going to be quite a bit harder than the first half.  There was only 60 questions in the second half, but the booklet was just as long as the 120 question booklet from part one.  This one was much more specific to engineering and the questions were much more involved and difficult than the other ones.  Basically the whole test was just heavy on math and material science and engineering economics.  I think it went ok though, but we won’t get results for another 12 weeks, so hopefully before Christmas we’ll hear something.

Big week this week.  It’s week 9 at school, so we’re winding down, but that means presentations and projects coming to an end.  I’m really just looking forward to being done with this quarter and starting the next one.  It’s hard to believe that I’m a third of the way through the year already, but if next quarter goes as fast as this one does, then I’ll be graduating in no time (hopefully)…

This week’s picture is fitting of this last week.  Nothing but studying and homework all week long.  This particular sheet is advanced concrete design, we’re designing prestressed concrete members…fun stuff.  If you’re thinking about trying to understand it, I’d recommend against it.  It’s been known to cause headaches.

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