lions and tigers and bears…forty-eight of fifty-two

Week 10 is finally upon us.  Dun Dun DUNNNNN.  This week alone I have 3 final presentations and a final exam.  And I work tomorrow.  And I’m getting over a cold.  Basically going to be a long week.  That’s also why this post is a day late.  I’m sorry, I had a set of floor plans to finalize and a real estate project to turn in today, so this weekend was a busy one.  I just got back from school a little while ago, I’d been working on an architectural design model for about 7 hours. It’s just about done, just need to add railings and it’ll be finished.  It was quite the project, but it needed to get done and I think it turned out really well.

On Saturday, I went to the zoo with Allyse.  It was family free day, so MSOE had a shuttle of kids running back and forth to the zoo all day long.  We went there in the morning and walked around to see all the animals.  It was a beautiful day, and Allyse LOVES the zoo, so we had a really good time there.  The best part was seeing the giraffes.  The first time we went through, there was only one outside, and we were told that they were inside.  So we went inside, and there were no giraffes!  They had all gone back outside.  Juuuust missed them.  So we decided to come back later since the giraffes are Allyse’s favorite animals at the zoo (“because they’re so tall and graceful” she says).  It was a really nice day; sunny and surprisingly mild for November in Wisconsin.  This week’s picture one of the elephants from the zoo.  I really love the detail, but at the same time, it was cool how the motion of his trunk appears to be almost frozen in time.

After the zoo, my parents came to pick us up and we went to my house for the night.  It was my mom’s birthday on Sunday, so we went out for dinner on Saturday night and had a nice breakfast on Sunday morning.  It was nice, and good to go home for a while and see the family again.

Anyways, I should get back to work on some stuff for this week so I don’t fall too far behind for the last week of school…but I hope everybody has a good week and for those at MSOE, hang in there for just one more week!

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