well, there’s always next year…{two}


Week two of the 52 week project and yes, I am still here.  It’s been a crazy busy week, so this week’s post will likely be brief, since I haven’t had much free time to think about what I was going to write about.  I usually try to take some time at the end of every day to reflect on the day’s events, but it feels like when work is busy I just want to come home and relax.  That’s also why this week’s picture was a little hastily taken (even though I think it is a nice picture).

At work we have been in the final stretch of one of the bigger projects they’ve had.  It’s been a couple months in the making, but things are finally starting to come to fruition.  Next week, on the 22nd, the project is due, so I’m expecting some long hours up until that point.  The national sales people from our company are coming into our office for the second half of the week, so I’m looking forward to putting faces to some of the people that I only know by email.  Either way, it’s going to be a busy week, and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not.

Packers were eliminated from the playoffs last night…it was a disappointing game, but they didn’t seem to be playing like they had been at the end of the season.  In fact, I got most of my picks wrong for this week; I went 1-3 and only got the Patriots game right tonight.  Should be an interesting set of games next weekend…not sure who I want to win, though.  Is “None” an option?

Anyways, I’m exhausted and gearing up for another long week at work.  I promise that next week I’ll make a better effort at a blog entry and hopefully have a better photo to share as well.  This one is from a couple of days ago when Allyse decided to make me breakfast…what a nice girl!

Have an awesome week!

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