“I’m ready for my closeup!”…{five}


Happy Super Bowl day!  Go Ravens!  I’m pretty much anti-49ers since they beat the Packers, but I’m not really dedicated either way.  In fact, I’m basically just watching for the commercials this year.  There’s bound to be some good ones, and the outcome of the game is less important this time around…

I bought some new lenses for my camera this week.  I was rather proud of myself for having not bought anything for them in a while, but I had some money to burn, so I figured: why not?! I have a Sony NEX 5N mirrorless camera that I use more than my DSLR now, but had just been using the kit lens with it, so I figured it was time to upgrade.  Plus, B&H Photo was running a pretty awesome deal for some very well reviewed lenses.  When I ordered them, they were backordered so it took a week and a half to get them, but I’m glad they made it.    I ended up getting a Sigma 30mm f2.8 lens and a Sigma 19mm f2.8.  They are both prime lenses, which means they have a fixed focal length (no zooming), but that usually means the glass is higher quality and will produce sharper images.  I have to say, after just a few days of shooting with these two lenses, I’m very impressed with the quality.  They are both fast lenses so they perform very well, even in low light.  They’re not quite as snappy as my old Minolta 50mm, but for the price and the fact that they’re on a mirrorless camera, I’m very happy with the purchase.  I’m sure you’ll see more images from these lenses in the coming weeks!  As my wife and I were eating breakfast this morning, the light was perfect so I asked if I could take her picture.  She gave me this face, which I think is a totally accurate representation of her personality!  What a girl!

Have a great week, and stay warm out there! Oh, and go Baltimore!

PS. I’m trying out a new layout for my blog…let me know what you think!

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