Road Trip…{Nine}



Went for a road trip this weekend!  We went up to my grandparent’s house since we hadn’t been up there since Thanksgiving (and we were gone over Christmas, so it has been a LONG time!)  It’s always good to visit, even if I did get my butt kicked at Uno…My grandpa has been going through some treatments for skin cancer, and he looked like he was doing a lot better!  I’m really glad for that; he’s had a few instances of that over the last year or so, and each time he fights through it.  He’s a strong guy, and I really admire his ability to always look on the bright side of things.

Kristen came with, but we took her up to Stevens Point to visit a friend who’s going to school up at UWSP.  It sounded like she had a good time, and got her first real taste of dorm life, so hopefully it’s not too big of a jump.  I remember the first year of dorm living, it was really a great time and I met a lot of fun people.  Ahh those were the days…but I digress.  It’s really hard to believe that my little sister is going off to college next year already!  She’s getting so old! Anyways, here’s her rockin’ the yellow sunglasses.  (it was a long car ride, and we got bored, haha!)

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