The Avenue…{Eleven}


I will never understood how people could move really frequently.  I could understand that if your job forced you to move, or if there were other extenuating circumstances that meant you had to move, but if it were up to me, I would just move once and then not move again for a looong time.  We just moved into our current apartment about 6 months ago, and now we’re starting to pack so we can move again.  We still have some motivation to pack at this point, so we started to box up some of the stuff that we don’t need so as soon as we close on our home, we can start moving our things in.  We’ve had a few people come through our apartment, so hopefully we find someone who wants to take over our lease in May so we are off the hook and can start living in our house.

In other homeowner news, I learned how to change the wax ring for a toilet this weekend.  On Saturday, Allyse and I went with my parents over to my grandparents house to fix a leaky toilet.  We only had to take two trips to the hardware store, so not too bad!  Normally those kinds of projects will take many more trips to the store…so just two trips is pretty successful!

Allyse and I have been walking around our Washington Heights neighborhood after work the past few nights, so that’s where this week’s pictures comes from.  All I remember is that it’s Milwaukee Ave (obviously), not sure which crossroad we were at, but it’s fun walking around the neighborhood and checking out all the big houses!


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