IMG_0823-2This is what I get to look out at every morning from my desk at work.  Some days it’s a nicer view than others, but earlier this week there was a particularly beautiful sunrise.  I can almost see the lake from my desk, but that building on the right really blocks my view.  I actually sit a few windows to the right of where this photo was taken but the view is just about the same!

Allyse and I went to the zoo for the first time this year today, and met our friends Justin and Kayla there!  It was a brisk day to be walking around the zoo, but it was a lot of fun (and we even got to see the baby jaguars!).

Just looked out the window again, and it looks like it’s snowing again.  I think it’s about time for winter to be done; it is spring, right?  I guess Mother Nature didn’t get that memo.  Of course I just washed my car on Friday night too…can’t win them all, right?


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