IMG_0860-2First things first, THREE DAYS until we close on our house.  Allyse and I are both super excited, even if it means we’ll spend the first couple of days there cleaning and painting.  We’ve been packing most of our non-essential stuff so most of it is ready to move already.  Hopefully next week I’ll have some pictures of the house to post!

Brewers kicked off the regular season this week and I’ve already been to two games. One with Ryan right behind the Brewers dugout and on Friday with my parents (where this picture was taken).  Both games they ended up losing, so maybe I shouldn’t go to a game for a while so they can get back on track.  I’m hoping this year doesn’t turn into another injury-stricken disaster like it seems so many past seasons were.

I hope to write a longer post next week, and I’ll probably have a few photos of the new house!  Just a few more days!



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