Joys of Homeownership…{Sixteen}

DSC01969We’ve owned our home for all of 11 days, and we already have some fun issues on our hands.  After all the rain we’ve had lately (nonstop it seems), we came into our home after work on Wednesday and found some water that was dripping from the ceiling on the upper floor.  It was right near one of the dormers on the front of the house, so we suspected that it had something to do with the roof on that side of the house.  We called a few roofing contractors and had a guy out on Thursday and it looks as though the roof that’s on there was was either a DIY job, or the shoddy execution of some other contractor.  Since we don’t have any idea how old the roof is, it looks like we’re going to have to get it replaced.  Luckily the back of the house has a rubber roof since it’s a lower pitch, so we only have a little bit of roof that’ll need to be taken care of.

That brings me to our next little adventure….

This afternoon I noticed that the ceiling in our dining room was looking a little uneven and when I got up on the ladder to look at it, we discovered that it was having some issues as well.  The dining room is an addition to the house, so we have a nice walk-out patio on the second floor that is on top of the dining room.  The drywall was sagging a little bit, as if there was moisture above, and we think that the rubber roof on the patio may be to blame.  I’ve got another roof guy coming tomorrow for another estimate, so hopefully he has some good news for us.

They say bad things come in threes, so I’m hoping my car issues from last week count towards that and so we’re done after this.  We’re intending to move in next weekend, so we’re hoping things are under control by then.

On the bright side, we’re almost done cleaning and painting so things finally feel like they’re coming together (besides the water issues)!  Hopefully everyone has a safe and healthy week.



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