PROJECTS {Seventeen}

Well as most of you have probably realized by now, my husband hasn’t posted since April 21st.  He has really been slacking on the postings so I thought I would update it seeing that I am partly to blame!

 Boy have I had him working on the projects.  I believe where he left off was with our water issues.  We had our front roof replaced a few weeks ago and it has since been rain free, so Steve has been busy patching the holes in the ceiling upstairs.  Here is a picture of our new roof!  Sorry it wasn’t quite done yet, but I can’t find a picture of it when it was done.


The back roof (over the dining room) has been nothing but trouble.  We found out awhile back that it was the wooden sill, not the roof, that was causing all the problems so that was good news.  We have since had the “modern” and “open” dining room plan going and we are planning on having that concept until the water issues are done.  That being said we got the door replaced and they used 4.5 tubes of caulk on making sure it doesn’t leak again.  Steve was home with the guys replacing it that day and he said once they got the door out and rotted sill off, they could see right into the dining room!  But they fixed it all up and now the new door looks gorgeous!  All we need is a good rain to test and make sure that the ceiling didn’t leak and we can patch it up.  Good News is that we had some good rain last weekend and we found out the roof no longer leaks!  Bad news is that we found out that the new door they installed leaks.  So a manufacturer’s rep was out this past week and took it apart and siliconed it up again.  So now we need another good rain to see if the door leaks.

Anyways here is a picture of our new door, which still needs the deadbolt in!   


During that big fiasco we have done many projects!  So I will start with the kitchen.  Steve and his dad installed the new microwave (This was months ago.  Obviously we could not live that long without a microwave).  A little bit later Steve installed a pot rack and I put together the new kitchen cart!  Here is our new (old) pot rack and kitchen cart!  We have had them both for months now but isn’t it pretty!


A month or so ago we started on finally getting the basement sorted out and gone through.  I decided that I wanted to reorganize the laundry room and we just about finished that up last night!  Steve built a lovely work bench for all his new tools, so that will go in the laundry room as well.  The bench still needs a couple more coats of stain and we are planning on removing the shelves on the right, but after that it will be done! 


Our most recent project started and finished last Saturday.  I am really glad we got it done.  But Saturday afternoon we decided we were going to install a ceiling fan in our master bedroom.  We had the idea for awhile but it seemed like it was going to be a lot of work so we held off.  Then the past week had been so hot that we were sleeping in our guest bedroom downstairs and we decided it was time.  So we bit the bullet and installed the ceiling fan!  It works great and turned out pretty darn good!  Here is a picture of the new fan!   


 Now onto some of the fun things we have been doing! 

 We went with Ryan & Rachel O’Neill to Door County June 28-30th.  We had lots of fun celebrating their anniversary and our (almost) anniversary.  I got to beat them all at mini golf at the Red Putter and we stopped and ate ice cream.  We also went on a winery tour and had a good steak dinner at Chop.  Sunday we stopped by and saw some relatives up in Door County and their lovely daughter Emma who we haven’t seen since the wedding.  Boy had she grown in a year.  She was only 2 weeks at the wedding but she definitely kept us occupied for the hour we were there!  We also stopped and saw my friend Jen in Green Bay on our way back. 


We have also been very busy with weddings.  But we are finally done with weddings for this year.  We got to see Ariel & Dylan, Evan & Liz and Nikki & Dan get married (not on the same day). It was a great time had by all and we were so glad to be apart of their days!  I am kinda disappointed that Nikki and Dan’s wedding was on July 13th instead of the 14th, because we still have YET to make it to the 1 year round of the anniversary dance.  But next year we will!

 On July 14th we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! WOO HOO!  Steve got me a new bike!  I really needed a new bike.  I won my previous bike from Pick N Save quite awhile ago. (middle school maybe?)  But anyways I was in a bike accident freshman year and ever since then the front bike wheel has been bent and the brakes don’t quite work.  So this new bike is awesome!  I love biking so much more than I did on my bike where I had to work so hard just to move 100 ft.  Here is the picture of me and my new bike!


I made Steve a bunch of canvas’s with pictures from our wedding (only a year later).  I am really happy with how they turned out so we have them hanging in our office.  Here is a photo of the wall!


I think that is just about everything that you have missed in the past 3 months.  I am sure I missed some things, but you will have to stop by and see the changes!  I am thinking now that things have settled down and our project list is decreasing Steve should have time to continue onward on his photo a week project.   Won’t Steve be surprised when he sees this post!

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